Paul Little Arrested Development the Aaron Cohen Story

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Release Date: 01 June 2004
At eight he was smuggling heroin out of the house when his parents were raided. At 15 he was using heroin every day. At 17 he was earning $1200 a week selling cocaine. At 18 he was sentenced to life in Penang Prison plus six strokes of the cane for drug trafficking. At 29 he was pardoned! and his life began. The Aaron Cohen case made international headlines. But his personal story is revealed here for the first time. The son of Kings Cross drug dealers, he was well fed, well clothed and loved, but he was also tormented and terrified by his family's lifestyle. Only in a Malaysian jail did the cosseted teenager learn the hard way how to look after himself while the corrupt guards and administrators allowed him to feed his heroin addiction. On his release in 1996, Aaron Cohen began a long adjustment to a life he had never known. This book provides a rare insight into a dangerous and often misunderstood world.
Paul Little is an award-winning journalist who has been editor of New Zealand's two most prestigious magazines, Metro and the NZ Listener both of which won the Qantas Media Award for Best News-stand Publication during his tenure. He is currently a freelance writer and editor.

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