Iron Maze Gordon Brook-Shepherd

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The book Iron Maze is about the struggle of the Allied secret services to topple the Bolshevik regime during Lenin's first years in power. Through the authors unprecedented access to the British French and American archives of the period matched by unknown Russian material iron maze pieces together a remarkable history of early USSR espionage.
Gordon Brook-Shepherd tells the story from all sides was a remarkable ironic twist. The story shows the Bolsheviks being always one step ahead of Western conspirators Lenin used many conspirators as pawns in their own plots. Stalin fluid their leaders to their doom through the greatest deception scam of the century. Also for the first time details of the personal life of the great political adventurer Sidney Reilly are revealed finally putting right the legend of the "Ace Of Spies".
Recommended to stay with this story even if it is found to be slow getting moving at the start. The groundwork is being laid for a great read about espionage and political struggle.

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